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Holy Community
Holy Mount Athos
Karea 6/19 February 2004

number of protocol F.2/5v/228

To the Most Reverend
Metropolitan of Veles and Povardarje
kyr kyr John
Holy Ohrid Archbishopric

To Your God-pleasing High Reverence,
we address You with respect in God

With great concern and pain in the soul, we were informed about the latest happenings through the press, but also through the common missive of the orthodox monastic brotherhoods of the Canonic Autonomous Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric from 27.01/09.02.2004 about the temptations and persecutions to which You, and Your congregation, are exposed, especially the clerics and the chosen in Christ who reside into the monastic life, because of Your devotion to the canons and unity of the One, Holy and Catholic Church, we come out with this priestly, mutually confirmed letter, to show You and those that are with You, the brotherly compassion and support of the saintly habitats of the, named by its sanctity, Mount Athos and the fathers who endeavor here, praying for the prompt establishment of the unity and peace, and God’s generous support and comfort.

We should, also, clearly express the truth about the so-called “hierodeacon from Mount Athos, now Metropolitan” Nahum of the “Macedonian Church” which today dwells in schism: he left the Holy Monastery of St. Grigoriou without permission and blessing, passing in Romania where he was ordained into a priestly rank, and later into a bishop by the above-mentioned schismatic “church”. He is momentarily in a state of disobedience and is no relation with the all-reverend Abbot of the Holy Monastery of St. Greigoriou – Archimandrite George who persistently refuses to see him, regardless of the number of times he asked to meet him, during which he showed no remorse. Consequently, he falsely presents himself as a spiritual child of the above mentioned saintly Abbot.

Besides this, we constantly pray before God that, after the prayers of Our mutual Mother and Protectress of this holy place – the Most Holy Theotokos, you are given prompt liberation and calmness from the temptations, for rest and joy of the fullness of the Church of Christ, we ask for Your God-persuasive prayers and we close with due respect.

All the Representatives and Abbots who are in
the common Assembly of the twenty
Holy Monasteries of the Holy Mount Athos

For the information of: the Orthodox monastic brotherhoods of the Holy Ohrid Archbishopric